Monday, March 9, 2009

Speaking to my soul

The new book I'm reading is speaking directly to me. It's feeding my soul in a way that only certain things in life can. I know it's been a good long time since I've posted something. Although I've been incredibly busy, I've still found some time to read. It's my escape. I wouldn't give up that. What I did give up over the past month, to make time for all of the other tasks that had to be done, was exercise. Go figure.

I'm reading Violette's Embrace- a story that weaves together the lives of three different women. One is dead, one is very old and getting ready to die, the other is younger and on a quest to find out more details about Violette Leduc's unfortunate life.

Now, when I say unfortunate, it was a very unfortunate life. Violette came from a family that didn't really love her (other than her Grandmother) and was apparently not very good looking, with a big nose and a long, wiry body. She happens to write some of the author's favorite books, so she goes to Paris in search of learning more about Violette.

There have been many others who have gone on this same quest for hidden knowledge, but for some reason, this particular author is different and actually develops a one on one relationship with Lili, one of Violette's best friends. This relationship blossoms into a friendship, and we soon learn about all three of the women's lives- past and present.

Why does this book speak to my soul? Well, it's because that's what I would do if I could. Do you know, dear reader, how I long to walk the different paths of Virginia Woolf? Do you know that I am very nosy and would like nothing more than to sit and read personal letters of long lost dead people to piece together a private glimpse of their life? That's precisely what the author is doing and on top of it all, she gets to go to Paris to do her research. Lucky woman.

I will have to quote some paragraphs from the book to give you a feel for it, but for now, I need to shower and pick up the little toddler from school.

And on a quick side note, went to Salvation Army last week in search of new books. Nothing. Nada. Selection sucked and totally hasn't been replenished since my last shopping spree. But, I did find out that next Saturday, they are having a customer appreciation sale and will be dishining out free stuff. Next Saturday, Salvation Army on Louis Henna Blvd. in Round Rock. Be there.

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  1. i am a bit voyeristic, too! i think my favorite "type" of book is the type that lets me feel like i'm looking in the window of someone else's life and watching it unfold. it is such a perfect escape.

    mmm, thanks for the tip about the salvation army sale next weekend. woooo hooo!